Political History Introduction

The history of Berlin is long and very complex. Berlin has been given many titles over the years these include “Berlin: divided city, turntable between East and West, bridge, provisional agreement, Germanys capital city in waiting, Wall city, free city, human workshop, industrial city, cultural metropolis, high tech-center and many more” (Press- und Informationsamt 1987:2). Germany throughout its history has also had a very complex and mainly significant negative past with a great depression, WW1 and WW2, cold war and the division of a countries capital for over twenty-five years. Within this section of Political History of Berlin the research carried out will endeavor to investigate into the history of Germany. And in-particular Berlin and its affect on the city and the people whom inhabit it, thus answering is Berlin still a divided city due to its past?

By Rebecca Holland



Press- und Informationsamt (1987) 750 years Berlin, 1987: information

Berlin : Presse- und Informationsamt des Landes Berlin


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