David Bowie and Berlin


The Berlin Era

Bowie moved to Berlin in 1976 and lived there till 1979 his rock and roll life style taking its toll, Bowie moved to west Berlin, with a vast music scene in Berlin, he could live with some anonymity in the city, whilst living in Berlin he produced what known as the  ‘Berlin Trilogy of albums ‘Low, heroes and Lodger’ whilst also producing albums for Iggy Pop -The idiot, Lust for Life

Bowie’s exploration and discovery of Berlin, by engaging in all social aspects, inspired his music and changed the tone of the next albums.  Berlin was known for creative artists and film makers as the prime location for culture and art so it wasn’t unsurprising when living Berlin influenced Bowie’s left an impact on Bowie music. He highlighted the vast and interesting music scene in berlin as the time little was known about it,by basing his albums, this adds a new cultural layer to berlin (at the time),which still exists today being a popular location and nightlife in the genre’s of electronic, music,hip hop and as an ideal location for festivals.

The new single ‘Where we are now?’  visually feature clips of Berlin with the lyrics displayed on-screen with Bowie’s taking on the eerie character in focus. This is Bowie first single in a decade, reflecting on his time in Berlin suggest this was particularly fond of  this part of his life in an interview he described Berlin as  ‘It was an irreplaceable, unmissable experience and probably the happiest time in my life up until that point. Coco, Jim and I had so many great times. But I just can’t express the feeling of freedom I felt there.’ (http://www.bowiewonderworld.com/features/dbuncut.htm)

Directly referencing to the city in the lyrics, the lyrics are dotted with references to iconic and times and places in Berlin.

Had to get the train/From Potsdamer Platz
You never knew/That I could do that



One of Bowie most covered songs, about a couple who are separated and come together the ‘wall of shame’  – the Berlin wall of which the couple meet by which could be interpreted literally at the Berlin wall, as it was produced in the peak of Bowie’s Berlin era and supposed inspired by his producer affair with a backing singer.


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