Architecture of Government Buildings

Marie Elizabeth-Lünder Haus

The Maire Elizabeth Lünder building is located on the former east side of Berlin across from the Paul Loébe Haus also designed by architect Stephan Braunfels, Both at situated on the bank of the river spree.  It was constructed in 2003 by Stephan Braunfels; it is used as the parliamentary library and as an archive and for academic research.  It is part of a complex of modern buildings in the government quarter of Berlin. The buildings in the area are quite futuristic, The Maire Elizabeth Lunder building is very shapely and uses concave and clean shapes to showcase the natural light.


The government quarter of Berlin consist of

Chancellor’s Park

Chancellors office,

Paul Loébe Haus  (offices and committee rooms)

Marie Elizabeth Lüders Haus

Its architecture includes a dramatic and eye-catching tapered staircase, a flat line roof overhanging onto the plaza and circular windows looking into the library. There is also a connecting bridge to the Paul Loébe Haus building. Braunfels designed the building with particular detail to natural light from the surround courtyards and terraces flowing through the halls ways that constantly changes throughout the day. There are plans to extend the building adding more offices, seating areas so it accommodate public events, this will be completed by the end 2014.

birds eye mel

It is named after Marie Elizabeth- Lünder a liberal politician who was representative for the representative on the women’s movement in Berlin fighting for the equality of women and improvement in the law particularly in the areas of; unemployment, criminal law and child protection. In her later career she focused on women’s political issues and equality.



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