Berlin Blockade

Tegal Airport, Berlin

The airport was original built-in 1909 by Count Zeppelin yet it didn’t open till 1930. After the  Cold War, many of the men either still at war injured it was up to Berliners to take action and Tegal airport was built by the citizens of Berlin, most of were women over 3 months as the need for supplies was urgent. This built so that West Berlin was safe in stocked up on supplies of food, fuel, medical and building supplies could be received. The demand was so high within months any other air fields were built so there could be continuous turn around of flights arriving with supplies. Over 20,000 Berliners helped build the new run away. This is otherwise known as the Berlin Blockade. After this era the French took over ownership of the airport and it became a civil airport, by 1986 it was established as passenger terminal. The airport was extended in the 1980’s by the 90’s it was one of the main airports in Berlin.

Berlin Blockade

Tattered group of Berliners standing in


Stalin cut off Berlin across the borders, rail and road as the new united zones in Berlin (America and British) were finding work and success with new money, which affected east Berlin as the improved economy meant more work, so the eastern Berliners fled to find work. The airport was built and used so that the Berliners in the new West Berlin could survive being physical surrounded by ‘the Iron Curtain’ This didn’t last long and by June 1949 the blockage was broken when West Berlin was renounced as a new country.

Tegal airport is now one of the main airports in Berlin, with its central location it is ideal for  tourist’s using connecting public transport to get to the city centre.


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