Stacheldrahtsonntag other wise known as Barbed Wire Sunday

On the 13 August 1961 the communist’s in the dead of night started to build the Berlin wall that would divide the city over political conflict, the wall then consisted of barbed wire and concrete hence the name ‘barbed wire Sunday’ the purpose of the wall was to stop east Berliner’s  entering west Berlin. The wall after a few days when then built with bricks and concrete, it soon became a symbol of the cold war.


People of the east where physical trapped in the east and spilt from their friends and families most famously was the case of Frieda Schulze an elderly woman who tried to climb out of a window on the west whilst east Berlin officer’s tried to pull the woman back in the building while west Berliner’s group on the ground to pull the women down.


In 1985 the Soviet  Union leader at the time Mikhail Gorbachev wanted changed and observed that the traditional soviet methods where no long effective for the economy in Berlin. The Hungarian border then started to let people pass through from Hungary to Austria what was previously part of ‘the Iron curtain’  from this Berliners realised they could escape over to the west. Finally the people started to protest against the soviets who power was declining. On the 9 November 1989 people were officially allowed to travel across the border to the west.

The Berlin wall stood till November 1989 thousands of people on both sides of the wall gathered to witness the wall being brought down. It was a joyous moment for Berlin with many people crossing into West Berlin for the first time in nearly 3 decades.


Berlin, West. Press und informationsamt, 750 years Berlin, 1987:Information

Berlin Presse- und informatiosamt des landdes berlin ,1987



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