Methodology; Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives:

1)      To investigate the physical underpinnings of the space of Berlin.

2)      To find out if there is any division on a psychological level in Berlin’s society (regeneration).

3)      To investigate how architecture reflects Berlin’s political history.

4)      To find out how culture, national and local identification and memory are linked to create the habitus of the city.


1)      Constructivist epistemological position: an adaptive, active and flexible perspective rather than a static and passive view of knowledge. The constructivist view argues that knowledge and reality do not have an objective or absolute value or, at the least, that we have no way of knowing this reality. Therefore, we haven’t got a set hypothesis of our research project as knowledge is not something that must be created before it can be communicated. Creating and communicating knowledge are inextricably intertwined and our research outcomes are subject to change in the process of researching.

2)      Inductive research approach: moving from specific observations to broader generalizations and theories. The conclusions of the research are likely to based on premises. Key words in our research methods: Subjectivity, Meaning, Open- ended, Process- orientated, Narrative description, Constant comparison.

3)       Primary research gathering qualitative data: Sampling of the cultural setting, community, informants, locales, periods and activities.

–          Participant observation: what is the Berliners’ attitude towards their history

–          Semi- structured interviews

–          Ethnography as it provides rich, holistic insights into people’s views and actions

–          Empirical social inquiry: Documentary photography

4)      Secondary research gathering qualitative data (the archive): documents, artefacts and unobstrusive measures.

(Eva Spirova)


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