Tränenpalast “Place of Tears”: A key symbol of the divided Berlin/Germany.

Leave-taking and longing, hope and despair, joy and fear — the building constructed in 1962 at Berlin’s Friedrichstraße station is tied to a broad spectrum of personal emotions and experiences” (VisitBerlin 2012).

Tränenpalast, the common name for the previous border crossing station at Berlin Friedrichstrasse railway station is among one of the most prominent landmark of representing the divide in the Germany capital of Berlin.  Tränenpalast a modern steel-and-glass construction created in 1962 by the East German border control under the SED regime functioned up until 1989 as a departure hall, and a central conduit created between East and West Berlin. East and West Berliners often said sad/ painful farewells to each other after visits and where visitors departed to West Germany therefore; Berliners dubbed it the name Palace of Tears. Ultimately this building encompasses the true psychological affects of a divided city.


By Rebecca Holland




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