‘The Day the Wall Came Down’

Further up from the Allied museum  what was the American sector of Berlin is a statue given to Berlin ‘the day the wall came down’ as a gift from former President George Walker Bush in 1998 the statue 5 horses jumping over a section of the Berlin Wall from the west  cover in graffiti with messages and symbols of freedom on.

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The statue was brought to Berlin on the 2nd July 1998 on the 50th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift; there is also a second casting in Texas at the university campus on permanent display. The sculpture is by Veryl Goodnight who was fascinated by the scenes going on in Berlin when the wall fell.  Goodnight visited Berlin a year after the wall fell and was moved my emotional and physical impact the wall left which was in the final stage soft the wall being taken down. The section of the wall is in fact a replica by Goodnight with graffiti a duplicate of graffiti on the actually Berlin wall.

Horses often represent freedom, here it symbolized the determination to fight for freedom in East and West Berlin the section of wall represents the obstacles that must be overcome to reach freedom in the past Goodnight claims that horse were meant to represent ‘the people were galloping through the rubble of the fallen Berlin wall’ it furthermore reminds generations that freedom should be cherish and defended.

Ruth Heavey



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