Alliierten Museum


The Allierton museum located in the old American sector of Berlin, is dedicated to showcasing the artefacts, there is a replica of Check point Charlie and a fighter plane on display outside.  It is located just down the road from the Verly Goodnight statue given as gift to Berlin from President Bush. The main focus is the America’s role in the history of Berlin so; the blockade, war allies, media about the war, unification of Berlin. There is also another piece of the wall here also, one of the more recognisable images taken from the west side of the wall.

The museum was opened in 1998 by a non profitable organisation the alliiertonmusuen.eV, it opened on the 50th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift. The museum encompasses the former ‘Outpost theatre’ and is nearby the Nicholson Memorial Library. Although since the closure of the Berlin Templehof airport, the benefactors at the museum were keen to relocate to this location after its closure, there are currently no further plans or development though. This iconic spot at the original location of the Berlin Blockade would be fitting with all the permanent exhibitions and any temporary ones that revolve around America’s role in the reunification of Berlin.

Ruth Heavey



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